Third-Party Senders Plus Compliance Bundle

Year: 2018

Save $30 on the following three publications in this bundle deal!

  • Third-Party Senders Audit Guide - $199 value
  • ACH Compliance Manual - $50 value
  • NACHA's "Third-Party Senders and the ACH Network - An Implementation Guide" - $40 value

The Third-Party Sender ACH Audit Guide is designed to assist Third-Party Senders in conducting their annual ACH audit as required by the NACHA Operating Rules. Provided electronically, to allow for distribution to all your Third-Party Senders, the guide includes audit worksheets that will take your Third-Party Senders step-by-step through the audit process.

The ACH Compliance Manual covers authorizations, disclosures, processing, funds availability, settlement, error resolution, returns, reversals, retention, audit, all Standard Entry Class Codes and more. Helpful compliance tips are included as well as a resource list and glossary of terms.

"Third-Party Senders & The ACH Network - An Implementation Guide" from NACHA provides a review of the variations in legal requirements and processing obligations relating to the origination of ACH entries when a Third-Party Service Provider, acting as a Third-Party Sender, is involved in the origination of transactions through the ACH Network.

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