Remote Deposit Risk Assessment: A Requirement of the FFIEC Guidance

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Do you have all the necessary steps covered to ensure you have created a comprehensive risk assessment for remote deposit capture (RDC)? Do they comply with FFIEC guidelines? The FFEIC issued “Risk Management of Remote Deposit Capture” along with regulators expecting you to identify the risks within your institution and to evaluate your controls while implementing risk management practices.  A Risk Assessment is also required for Mobile RDC.  Be prepared to answer the examiners questions. 

Fundamentals of an RDC risk management process include:

  • Risk identification, assessment, and mitigation
  • Monitoring of risk exposure
  • Responsibilities of the board of directors and senior management in overseeing the development, implementation, and ongoing operation of RDC
  • Regulation CC and Holds
  • Disclosures

Who should attend:   Suitable for ACH Operations, Management and Compliance Officers

  • 1.8 AAP/NCP Continuing Education Credits

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