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RDFI Exception Handling/Return Processing

2 Part Learning Path

AAPAre you effectively handling your ACH exceptions? Is your financial institution at risk of incurring losses due to improper handling? Register today for “RDFI Exception Handling/Return Processing” to learn how to handle the challenges of unposted items, stop payments and unauthorized entries. This session provides scenarios and case studies to aid your staff in these daily occurrences. We will look at:

  •          ACH return reasons
  •          Notification of change
  •          Return time frames
  •          When to use the Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit (WSUD) form
  •          Stop payment vs. revoked authorization or unauthorized transactions 

Who should attend: This session is ideal for ACH Operations, AAP Candidates, Compliance Officers and ACH Auditors

>>  3.6 AAP Continuing Education Credits

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